Emotions . . .

. . . are not supposed to be shown by men. And I don’t understand why.

When I see men tear up or outright cry it is moving. Because you know something has pulled on their heart-strings, either good or bad.

Maybe that is the problem. We, as a society, tend to shun those men who demonstrate their ability to emote. Calling them weak. I think it shows strength and is beautiful.

I want leaders, across all walks of life, who can express sympathy and can connect with those who have experienced something amazing or something tragic.

Over the past several days I have seen several examples, covering the spectrum of ages, and they were all wonderful to watch and experience.

I watched a 70 year old man choke up when being presented with an honor from his fraternity. The room stood and applauded while he regained his composure.

Seth Rollins, from WWE Monday Night Raw teared up after his best friend, Roman Reigns, announced his cancer was in remission.

A 5 year old boy was sobbing after a chair turned around for his dad on the first episode of season 16 of the Voice. Pure joy and unbridled emotion.

These are not signs of weaknesses, they are demonstrations of love, of compassion, of heart.

It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to tear up at something moving. It’s ok to share your emotions. They don’t make you weak, they do they opposite, they demonstrate your strength. As a human. As a friend, a brother, a father, a son, a grandfather, an uncle, as a person.

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